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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  June 6, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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we have the latest on these late breaking developments. >> these came to light when a picture appeared on his twitter page. initially claimed his account had been hacked. today, he admitted that it was a lie. the york congressman anthony winners got before a national audience to in his words come clean and apologized for which he categorized as a personal weakness. >> i have exchanged messages and photos with six women over the past three years. to be clear, i have never met any of these women or have had physical relationships. >> these photos are now posted on the website >> a lude caption was attached. today, weiner admitted to
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having on-line relationships that included inappropriate conversations and the exchange of provocative photos. >> have done things that i deeply regret. i brought pain to people like her about the most -- i care about the most. and for that, i'm deeply sorry. this comes just as abc news was preparing to air an interview with a woman that gave the network of these and other photographs in the email she claims she exchanged with weiner. she claims to have had an on- line relationship with the wiener dating back to april. the congressman says he has apologized to his wife and two the what do this together. -- will work through this. nancy pelosi is now calling for
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a house ethics investigation. knew it 6:00 details emerging in the hiring scandal. the man at the center of it all is sulaimon brown. the former aide it took the hot seat about his explosive charges against the city's new mayor. caroline lyders is live with more. >> these are serious allegations that he paid brown to run a smear campaign against adrian fenty. the councilman called these a circus and said he said he had never seen hearings like this and go -- like this. he ignored the council's request to take them off. >> i will not asking sunglasses with those on. >> they finally got sulaimon brown in the hot seat to testify
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on his on allegations that vincent gray paid him to run a smear campaign against adrian fenty. >> i was paid, promised a job not an interview and work with vincent gray to defeat adrian fenty. >> he showed money orders and did not show how much he received or when he received them. >> do not interrupt me. i want to finish. >> i went to get this exactly right. details matter. >> he flat out refused to answer anything. >> you are a witness in this case and i think it is inappropriate to be asking. i want this on the record. you are a witness in this case. >> you are delusional. >> you threatened the confirmation hearing. >> sir? >> your fantasies and need to be checked. you undermine her credibility or
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and usefulness to have to this committee. he raised more questions than he was answered. why did they wait until he was fired to come forward. >> that is what counts. >> technical you were not doing the right then. >> i came forward. >> they strongly deny these allegations and that testimony is now into its fifth hour and must wrap up by 7:00 p.m. and after that the county will decide whether to continue tomorrow. reporting live from northwest washington, caroline lyders, abc7 news. is an election has been filed against council member thomas. he is accused of using thousands of dollars of taxpayer money for his personal use. he willfully and knowingly miss spencer -- misspent. the spendign included $20,000 for travel and nearly $60,000
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for a luxury suv. thomas denied any wrongdoing and says he refuses to take a plea deal. >> i was not going to settle on something that i did not do. >> the d.c. attorney general want to $1 million in the reimbursement and punitive damages. the fbi is also investigating the allegations. >> shame on you. shame on you. investigators greeted dominique strauss-kahn outside of the new york city courthouse today. he pled not guilty to several charges including sexually assaulting a hotel maid. he has maintained a low profile since the scandal broke but today hotel workers protested today in solidarity. >> you cannot overlook the dichotomy. an international power player being mocked by a mob of maids.
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dominate strauss-kahn pled not guilty to sexual assault charges before a judge in new york city. union hotel workers came by the busload to blast strauss-kahn. >> we are here to show support and show her that new york city is the wrong place to mess with hotel workers. >> the hotel worker works at the high end sofitel. the woman says strauss-kahn assault and her as she cleaned has a $3,000 per night suite. police arrested him before he boarded a plane to paris. >> our judgment is that there will be clear there was no element of forcible compulsion in this case whatsoever. >> the former global financial leader had been favored to become the next president of france. the maid is expected to testify. >> all of gemini strauss-kahn's power, money, and influence from
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the world will not keep the truth about what he did to her in that hotel room from coming out. >> his wife is supporting him and joined him in court. live in the satellite news center, julie parker and abc7 news. breaking news. he has been held ordered without bond. officer richmond phillips shot wynetta wright and left her daugher in the hot car to die. he was also face a manslaughter charge in relation to the death of the baby. emails have surfaced linking former presidential candidate john edwards to the campaign scandal. they have emails in which he acknowledged payments were made to his mistress, rielle hunter.
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he has turned down a plea deal because it included six months in prison. coming up on abc7 news at 6:00 from a deadly day for american forces in iraq. >> i think about you every day. i feel your hard ship. your sacrifice coming your burden. >> a tearful goodbye in his final visit to afghanistan. but defense secretary robert gates had to say about the future of that nation. >> we will put today's weather in the win column.
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you are watching abc7 news at 6. on your side. five service members are dead after a deadly attack in iraq. they served as advisers to iraqi and security police. the deadliest single day for american security forces in two years. the service members names have not been released. 2500 american troops have been killed in iraq.
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defense secretary robert gates says the u.s. should stay the course. he spoke with troops today in his final trip to the wars on. he says it is too soon to end the war in afghanistan and urged fellow leaders to be more strategic with soldiers on the front line. he said more pressure is necessary before the taliban will concede to peace talks. on the hill tonight, a new bill for debit card fees. it would push it back for 15 months so banks and retailers are actively lobbying in a vote could come as soon as wednesday. just had a -- ahead >> it's hard. >> the emotional toll of a wildfire. >> we have a short break before another heat wave arrives in our
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region. >> a local favorite trying to qualify for next week's u.s. open. the very latest from rockville. lebron james takes from heat from a reporter. wait until
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>> and raging wildfire in the arizona continues to spread. more than 2500 firefighters are battling this near the new mexico border. mountain communities in the area are now on high alert and many homeowners are evaluating. dry conditions are hampering efforts. the internal displacement monetary center found floods and storms forstmann and 42 million people to evacuate last year, twice the number from the year before. asia was the hardest hit in 2010. that me guess doug, you are not surprised. we have been very fortunate today, we are under this nice area of high pressure. we will get the heat coming back again. over 90's is where we are
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heading, but it will not last long time, just a few days. >> for me, that is a few days to long. >> in annapolis, looking out towards the bay. temperatures in the lower 80's. delightful everywhere we look. 83 in ashburn. the dew point is 55. anytime you are in the 80's and this is below 60, that is a good comfortable day. reagan national, top down at 80 degrees. 82 was the average high. 66 was the morning low. 83 in baltimore. 81 at the naval academy. 82 degrees in martinsburg. the numbers are on par for the should be this time of year. a big area of high pressure over head keeping in northern new england cool. as the flow continues, it is
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already bringing the hot stuff in the middle of the country which will move our way. 90's in this hour from minneapolis-st. paul. here is the big picture and you see how much of a big push of hot, humid air is out there and coming our way. to mark about 90 degrees and into the upper 90's wednesday and thursday. we did have a few late day thunderstorms on friday. not a whole lot to see and the influence of the high-pressure keeping us high and dry. most of the continental u.s. is dry. unfortunately, arizona is staying dry. this is there a monsoon but this will start to be the rainy season later. let's hope they get some rain before too much longer. sunshine drop the day tomorrow and near 90 degrees. hot and humid the mini-heat wave returns. possibly thunder stars --
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thunderstorms before next week. the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. >> this nba finals series has been interesting. >> i submit that the heat have dominated most of the first three games, and all but the last six minutes of game two. they now lead two games to one. dwyane wade was sensational. he did everything he could to get miami the win. he was incredible. how about this? watch james. behind his back, he finds bosch and buries the jumper for the two-point lead. with a chance to tie nowitzki gets a look. they take the lead after he misses.
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lebron james was asked of this. >> three games in a row, not much. it seems like you are almost shrinking from this. what is going on? >> you are concentrating on one side of the floor. you should watch the film again and see what i did defensively and ask a better question tomorrow. >> the nationals are in san francisco to start a series with san francisco. they write in with confidence after yesterday's 9-4 win over arizona. igrand slam. he's batted .378 with 21 rbi's. they are getting close. they continue to be impressive adnnd tonight is the mlb draft. he went 2 for 2 yesterday with a
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double triple, and a walk. he's not ready to rejoin yet. plaxio burress was released today. he looked lean and in shape as he left the facility in new york. look at this. a family member? he will be 34 in august, but i guarantee he'll be back. for golf fans, vijay singh skipped the qualifier today. the u.s. open qualifier today one of 112 players doing everything in his power to make the field for next week's championship at the congressional. he is a local favorite, a
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hometown hero, and it means a great deal for him to play. >> it is big. i want to qualify really bad. i want to play congressional at home. i want this to springboard my year, because i have not been playing really well. i just to come out here and try to stick with some basic fundamentals. >> trying to make of the u.s. open. the n.c.a.a. has strict -- stripped usc of their 2004 championship because of bush's violations. >> that took how long? >> wait until you see what happens with ohio state. >> we will check back with them in seven years. democrats could win back the house. we have more on that in a late- night party political pulse. >> six months ago it seemed like democrats had no chance of losing back to the house, but the tide may be turning.
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a win in a recent special election and the resistance to a republican-led plan that would overhaul medicare means control of the house could be in sight. they would need to
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abc7 news has won 11 a.p. awards. >> abc7 news at 11 won a standing newscast and retire, awards for the outstanding storm coverage. i believe mr. hill had a part of that. >> the whether team did a good job. next time something happens, we will be in there as well. upper 90's on wednesday and
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thursday. >> that does it for us. "abc world disclos
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